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June 2024
- Dojo closed Sat. 6/15. (Kids class as usual Sun. 6/16)
- Dojo closed Wed. 6/19 and Thu. 6/20. (Classes as usual Tue. and Sat.)
Stillness in Movement. Learn possibility. Quiet one's mind. See and be in "here, now". Know softness and freedom. Aikido in Portland.

When considering starting aikido, you may wonder, what is aikido exactly? It’s likely what comes to mind are images of karate or judo.

In aikido, the emphasis is on how to move with the other person, not in opposition nor by overcoming with strength or speed.

At 'Aikido Hibiki', we develop the outer through lively practice and nurture the inner through focus and observation. 


In aikido, there are no competitive matches. Instead, we practice agreed upon roles with partners, cooperatively. The aim is to develop good use and function of the body and to know the physical and energetic relationship with the partner - this is communication.

Furthermore, through practicing correct, beautiful, and unforced movements, one develops concentration, perception, etc. Accordingly, the benefits of practice are not defined by age, sex, or physique. 

At Aikido Hibiki, we help each other grow and develop.

Japanese martial arts



Adult classes are adapted to the students attending and emphasize developing softness and relaxation while minding correctness and reason. In aikido in general, practice is done with a variety of partners with the benefit of cultivating adaptability and sensitivity. 

More deeply, there’s a study aspect, a communication aspect, a meditative aspect, a creative aspect, a discipline aspect, an athletic aspect. Each individual is drawn to some aspects more than others.







We opened our dojo near the corner of Foster & Powell in April 2023.

We offer adult classes weekday evenings and weekend mornings.

Children's classes Sunday morning and Wednesday afternoon. Please inquire about specific ages. Currently childrens' classas are also held at Richmond Elementary School (after school). 

Read the Frequently Asked Questions for the typical flow of a class. 

We invite you to join us if you are interested in traditional Japanese martial arts, self-discipline, self-improvement, mindfulness, and being part of a supportive community.

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"I don't get lost despite being the most beginning-est of beginners. I always leave feeling inspired, determined and excited for the next class."

Jaime D.

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