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Adult classes are weekday evenings and weekend mornings. Please check back for updates. Monthly dues: $110

Children's classes are Sunday mornings and Wednesday afternoons. Please inquire about specific ages. Monthly dues: $100

Special classes are also planned.
Limited time (e.g., 8 session) beginner series.

Trauma-informed classes.

Everyone is welcome to drop in to observe or join practice.


Everyone is welcome to drop in and observe any time.

Coming early (15 minutes or so) or staying after class will afford time to ask the instructor or students present any questions. 


When deciding to join, please make sure you have observed at least one full class. See FAQ for article on observing. 

The process of joining consists of signing the waiver and agreement forms, discussing ordering a uniform, and coming 20 minutes early for at least 2 sessions for orientation. (Please email to inform the instructor that you'd like to start your first session that's 20 minutes early.) There is no set contract or commitment of time e.g., "you must be a member for X number of months".

The registration form is paperless (Google form) and we ask that you sign the paper waiver in the dojo as well.

Email: (or use form below)

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