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Art of Peace? Way of Harmony

How does practicing aikido have anything to do with peace or becoming "one with the universe"? This is the very same issue as taking one's practice, or at least the benefits of practice, "off the mat". 

The "You" Who You Are Training

At one level, a student may simply experience pleasure or escape from working out. Maybe that alone puts them in a better state of mind and increases the chances they behave like a better human being once they've left the dojo. 


At another level, a student may gain the benefits of doing something together with community. There is a singular aspect of touching other people and also placing trust in each other, like we do in aikido. Again, this may simply put a student in a better state of mind when they leave the dojo. Or they may extend their appreciation for this community and consequent sense of validation, encouragement, and mutual support to others in their life. 


At another level still, a student may actively start to conduct their daily life to be congruent with what they practice in the dojo. They pay attention to their environment, the current situation, and their interactions with others. They pay attention to their own mental and physical state - self-reflection. If they encounter a potential need, such as someone needing help, someone in distress, or even just someone waiting to be let in (think traffic), they may extend their feeling, their heart, to meet that need. More and more of such acts of courage and generosity by individuals surely means we help realize more peace in the world. 

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