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Richmond Elementary

After-School Class


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What we'll do in the class

The class is a mix of solo movements, partnered body arts (i.e., forms), and solo and possibly partnered stick (wooden sword) work. 

There will be some emphasis on etiquette and ritual. This is for safety in martial arts practice as well as the development of self-regulation and situational awareness, and being able to mesh with others. 


Presumably you have received an email leading you to this page. Please go over it for pertinent information. 

The registration / enrollment communication will be via email with the instructor. I.e., enrollment is not automatic by filling out the form below.

The registration form and waiver are via this Google form. Please make sure names and relationships are clear. 

Payment is needed to confirm registration. Payment is via Venmo (@daniel-nishina) - please feel free to ask about other methods. Please make sure it is clear which child the payment is for. The instructor will reply after payment is received to confirm enrollment. 

Classes at Aikido Hibiki

Any child joining the Richmond after school class will be able to attend the dojo classes at reduced cost for the full months of the Richmond classes. Practice uniforms ('dogi') will be required for dojo classes.

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